It's no secret that intelligence can be sexy. One of the best examples is Matthew Gray Gubler, who made a big impression on many Criminal Minds fans for his role as extremely intelligent "Dr. Spencer Reid". In his younger years, Gubler was not exactly a heart-breaker, meaning that this changed with his rise to fame. While his Criminal Minds character is notoriously single, Matthew Gray Gubler has some famous ex-girlfriends.

Criminal Minds: Matthew Gray Gubler’s turbulent love life

Many fans probably do not know that the actor was in a relationship with 2 Broke Girls star Kat Dennings in 2007. The two of them were super lovey-dovey at the premiere of the series Weeds in 2007.

However, their relationship only lasted a few months. The actor is said to have dated singer Charlotte Kemp Muhl from 2004 to 2005, who now dates the son of John Lennon (†), Sean Lennon. Victoria Asher, also a singer, has also been seen out and about with Matthew Gray Gubler.

Matthew Gray Gubler as "Spencer Reid" in 'Criminal Minds'.

Were Matthew Gray Gubler and Taylor Swift in a relationship?

Rumor has it, country superstar Taylor Swift is an ex-girlfriend of Matthew Gray Gubler. Five years ago, the two were supposedly an item – however, neither of them confirmed nor denied the rumors. Sadly, nothing is known about Gubler’s current relationship status.

But we are sure that a fine man like Matthew Gray Gubler, who is a model, actor, dubbing artist and even painter at the same time, will have no difficulty finding love. 

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