Linda Kozlowski und Paul Hogan fell in love on set.

"Mick Dundee" still looks as handsome as ever!

'Crocodile Dundee': This Is Paul Hogan Today

The 61-year-old Crocodile Dundee actress had a very successful career over twenty years ago. She then took a bit of an acting break because she was tired of only ever being offered the part of a love interest. Many people still wonder why she left show business the way she did and also wonder what she's been doing lately.

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Linda Kozlowski graduated from Juilliard

Even though Linda's greatest success can be credited to her role as "Sue," she actually accomplished a great feet before ever landing a role on Crocodile Dundee. In 1981, Linda graduated from Juilliard. The actress is actually a trained opera singer! The fact that she was accepted into the prestigious performing arts conservatory is a great accomplishment in itself, let alone graduating as a trained opera singer.

Linda Kozlowski is a trained opera singer 

Most people don't know about her amazing voice and just chalk a lot of her success up to her ex-husband Paul Hogan and the way he "paved" a path for her in the entertainment business. However, she is doing well for herself with a total net worth of $10 million and is still friends with Paul Hogan as they share a son named Chance together.  

Linda Kozlowski und Paul Hogan fell in love on set.

Paul Hogan's ex-wife has changed dramatically...!

'Crocodile Dundee': What Is Linda Kozlowski Doing Today?