Dakota Johnson thinks her parents need to get better at social media!

It turns out Dakota, 32, is not on social media, but her famous parents Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith are very active online. The proud parents love to post old photos of Dakota, and she just revealed her thoughts on all this...

Dakota Johnson talks parents Don and Melanie on social media

While talking with James Corden, Johnson was asked if she gets "annoyed" by embarrassing throwback posts from her parents. "No, I don't like it," Johnson said.

"But I also don't have social media," she added, "so I don't find out about it until it's really baked into the Internet, and somebody will send it to me like, 'Oh, you were so ugly' or 'You were so cute,' when you had, like, braces and a slicked-back ponytail."

Harsh! Corden then asked how Dakota responds to Don and Melanie, and she answered: "Well then I'm like, I revert back to being like a 12-year-old. I'm like, 'Mom! You can't do that! We've had this conversation so many times!' And she doesn't care."

Don, 72, and Melanie, 64, have hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers apiece, and you'll occasionally find old photos of Dakota on their pages.

The former couple had their daughter Dakota back in 1989, and she is now one of the top actresses in Hollywood today.

Dakota Johnson is best known for her work in the Fifty Shades movies and Suspiria.

Her grandmother is also movie icon Tippi Hedren, and the family is one of Hollywood's most impressive dynasties.