Some of our favorite stars have very famous siblings! This is the case for The Young and the Restless star Eric Braeden's wife Dale Russell Gudegast, whose sister Patricia Annette Olson -also known by her stage name Sigrid Valdis- was considered to be one of the greatest television stars in the 1960's. We all have to agree on the fact that both Sigrid Valdis and Dale Russell Gudegast are very talented actresses, which makes us wonder if talent is actually genetic.

Sigrid Valdis was born in 1935 in California and her acting career started in the early 1950's. After appearing in the 1962 film Two Tickets to Parisand in the 1965 television show The Wild Wild Westshe made her major breakthrough with her role as "Hilda" in the American sitcom Hogan's Heroes from 1965 to 1971, alongside Bob Crane who played "Richard Hogan," and who apart from being her co-star eventually became her husband. Her appearance in Hogan's Heroes was her last work on screen.

What about Sigrid Valdis' love life?

The actress married for the first time to fashion entrepreneur George Gilbert Ateyeh with whom she had a daughter named Melissa. After his death in 1967 she married to Bob Crane and their Hogan's Heroes co-star Richard Dawson served as Bob's best man. Sigrid and Bob welcomed their son Scott in 1971, and the actress decided to retire from acting in order to take care of her child.

In 1978 Bob Crane passed away in a very mysterious way that as of today has not been 100% explained. He was found dead at his home in Arizona with no signs of forced entry into Crane's home, which suggested that he knew his murderer. Following Bob's death Sigrid Valdis moved from the Los Angeles area, and two years later she moved to Seattle and had a minor role in his son's yndicated weekly sketch comedy radio show, Shaken, Not Stirred.

In 2004 the beautiful Sigrid Valdis went back to her hometown Westwood, California after being diagnosed with lung cancer; she died in 2007. Upon her death, Bob Crane's remains were exhumed from a personal cemetery plot in Los Angeles, and the two were buried together at the Westwood cemetery.

Sigrid Valdis and Bob Crane

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Five quick facts about Dale Russell Gudegast's famous sister Sigrid Valdis

-She began her career as a runway and print model for various department stores

-Bob Crane's life and mysterious murder was depicted in Paul Schrader's 2002 film Auto Focus. Sigrid and her son Scott were deeply unsatisfied by the way Crane was portrayed in the film and decided to take to the media to share their own story

-Sigrid was often hospitalized for stress-related illnesses, including malnutrition

-She appeared on ABC's 20/20 to talk about herself and her late husband but found the experience "so horrific" that decided not to talk publicly again

-She kept Crane's memory alive by creating a blog where she interacted with the late actor's fans

Eric Braeden, Dale Gudegast and Christian Gudegast

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