In the past few years, many youngsters have taken to the TikTok social media service. Celebrities have adopted TikTok somewhat slowly, but we've recently seen Courteney Cox and Reese Witherspoon give it a go. But so far, Jack Black made the biggest splash on TikTok with his wild dance videos!

We can now add the beloved actress Dame Judi Dench to the list of stars on TikTok!

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Celebrities on TikTok: Judi Dench makes her debut

On TikTok, you can edit and post short video clips. Some of the more popular trends include dance and lip-sync videos and short comedy clips.

It seems that Judi Dench's grandson is up to speed on these latest trends, because he enlisted her for one of his latest videos on the platform.

But don't worry, they stuck to safe social distancing measures - he films the Cats and James Bond actress via video chat for the TikTok clip. Watch it below.


Quarantine edition.... ##fyp ##foryou ##xyzbca ##famousrelative ##judidench

♬ Cheryl - Yung Gravy

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Dame Judi Dench at age 85

In the video, Dench's grandson, Sam Williams, is seen preparing a song for them to dance to - "Cheryl" by Yung Gravy. After a moment of anticipation, they pull off a synchronized set of nifty dance moves!

The now 85-years-old English actress is an Oscar-winner and seven-time nominee. She's also a mother of one, actress Finty Williams.

At this rate, her grandson might have to keep up with her prowess for Gen Z and Gen Alpha dance moves. We are certainly on board for any and all future Judi Dench TikTok videos!