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'James Bond' Star Daniel Craig and Heike Makatsch Were Once A Couple

James Bond Star Daniel Craig and Heike Makatsch Were Once A Couple

Daniel Craig has been happily married to his wife Rachel Weisz for 10 years. But before the relationship with Rachel, the "James Bond" star had dated several women in the film business — including German actress Heike Makatsch!

As a secret agent, Daniel Craig saves the world in the "James Bond" films and seduces women with his charm. In real life, too, women fall at Craig's feet — including actress Heike Makatsch, who was in a relationship with the Brit from 1997 to 2004.

Heike Makatsch and Daniel Craig's relationship

Heike and Daniel met in 1996 while shooting the thriller Obsession, where they embark on a fateful affair. But it wasn't only a screen romance. After filming, they were a couple for almost eight years until a breakup in 2004.

Heike Makatsch and Daniel Craig were a couple

Makatsch, a German actress, has also appeared as "Mia" in Love Actually, Resident Evil, and The Book Thief, along with more German films.

Since her and Craig's split, both are happily taken again. Daniel has been married to Rachel Weisz since 2011, and they have a daughter together. Makatsch is in a relationship with Trystan Pütter.

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