Daniel Radcliffe and Robert Pattinson may not be as close as fans would like to imagine.

The two actors co-starred in one Harry Potter film over 15 years ago, but Radcliffe says people often believe they are very close friends. That's not quite the case, Radcliffe says, but he did describe Pattinson as a "lovely guy."

Daniel Radcliffe on "strange" Robert Pattinson relationship

Appearing on The Jonathan Ross Show, Radcliffe explained that he and Pattinson "haven't seen each other in ages," but they're often asked about the other in interviews, so they "basically only communicate through journalists." He called it a "strange relationship."

Daniel Radcliffe Talks "Strange" Relationship With Robert Pattinson

The popular actors appeared together in Pattinson's lone Harry Potter film — The Goblet of Fire — way back in 2005.

Please watch the video above for Daniel Radcliffe's full breakdown of his relationship today with Robert Pattinson.