David Harbour shares that he was close to giving up on Hollywood before he booked Stranger Things! As People mentionedHarbour opened up about why scoring the role of police chief "Jim Hopper" in the hit Netflix show was a game-changer for him in a new interview.

Harbour opens up about his struggle to get top billing

Harbour told Cigar Aficionado that prior to his breakout role in Stranger Things, he had only managed to land bit parts in television shows and movies. "I had gotten to a place in Hollywood where I was playing fifth and sixth on the call sheet," he said. "Supporting characters. Normally a bad cop."

While the actor was glad to be getting work, he still felt disappointed that he wasn't given the kind of opportunities he hoped for. "It was good — I could make a living and could support a theater career that allowed me to do more artistic kind of stuff," Harbour said, "but I had really given up on the idea that I would be able to tell stories that I really cared about in TV or film."

David Harbour as "Jim Hopper" in Stranger Things.

Harbour shares what fans can expect from "Hopper"

Harbour then went on to share his thoughts going into his audition for Stranger Things, explaining why the opportunity to star in the show was such a big deal to him. "It felt like a last at bat for me," he said. "And I was like, if I'm going to do this, I'm really going to swing for the fences and put my whole soul into this thing."

The fourth season of Stranger Things recently started filming again after production was delayed earlier this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, and Harbour shared what fans can expect from his character "Hopper"! "There is a real, lonely darkness to him," he revealed. "He's really dead inside. He's in this place of deep regret and then he has to confront his worst fear."

Harbour explained that because of "Hopper's" dark mindset, he had a difficult time shaking off the role. "I just went into this dark world," he said. "I'd shoot, just go back home, I just lived in this sort of dark place. It took me like a solid week to let it go." It's good that Harbour ended up starring in Stranger Things, as it saved his career and fans couldn't imagine anyone else as "Hopper"!