David Hasselhoff is riding through the night once again. But, this time, the Knight Rider actor is exploring uncharted waters with a heavy metal music collaboration.

On Tuesday, the 68-year-old star appeared in a preview for "Through the Night," his new single recorded with CueStack, an Austrian metal band. The band says the track is a collaboration several years in the making and they hope to receive crowdfunding to complete a video and merchandise campaign with Hasselhoff.

Watch David Hasselhoff preview "Through the Night" metal song

The preview of "Through the Night" hit YouTube on Tuesday. In the clip, Hasselhoff is seen in the studio belting out vocals for the track, which leans on his history with Knight Rider. "Through the night / Through the night forever! / Through the night we ride," Hasselhoff sings early in the video.

As the band explains, they intend to launch a campaign with Hasselhoff's new song, which they say will come with an "epic music video and documentary." CueStack took on the project without a label, so they hope to crowdfund its completion and encourage fans to donate at Kickstarter. The band adds that different remixes and making-of footage will feature in the final product.

David Hasselhoff's music career today

Though best known as a Baywatch and Knight Rider star, Hasselhoff has had a successful career as a singer. Dating back to the mid-1980s, he's released many solo studio albums, many of which were chart-toppers in Europe.

He last released an album in 2019, titled Open Your Eyes. So new music from The Hoff isn't out of the norm, but fans will surely be intrigued to hear the final version of his venture into metal music.

Earlier this year, a new Knight Rider reboot movie was also announced, but it's unclear if Hasselhoff, the show's original star, will have any involvement with the developing project.

Knight Rider reboot movie 2020. David Hasselhoff starred in the '80s NBC series.

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