Demi Lovato has had her first real interview since her overdose and says that she is now stronger than ever. The Confident singer has been through a lot in her lifetime and the 27-year-old has now spoken candidly to the Teen Vogue editor in chief, Lindsay Peoples Wagner. "What I see in the mirror [is] someone that’s overcome a lot. I’ve been through a lot and I genuinely see a fighter. I don’t see a championship winner, but I see a fighter and someone who is going to continue to fight no matter what is thrown in their way," Lovato said. 

Demi Lovato: "wouldn't change the direction of my life"

She went on to say that she, "wouldn’t change the direction of my life for anything" and that she has no regrets, noting that she loves the person she is today. Part of her new found strength comes from accepting and loving her body. "We hear the term ‘body positivity’ all the time. To be honest, I don’t always feel positive about my body. Sometimes I do not like what I see. I don’t sit there and dwell on it. I also don’t lie to myself," she said.

Demi Lovato is accepting her body 

Demi also said, "I don’t have to lie to myself and tell myself I have an amazing body. All I have to say is, ‘I’m healthy.’ In that statement, I express gratitude. I am grateful for my strength and things I can do with my body. I am saying I’m healthy and I accept the way my body is today without changing anything." She also said that she took the month of October off from the gym in an effort to "embrace" her body. 

Demi Lovato: New music in the works? 

The singer has also been teasing new music for months now and she wants fans to know that it's coming but she's not in any rush. "It’s important to remember that I am so cautious this time around of jumping back into things. I’ve really decided to take my time with things, so when the time is right to release new music, I will put it out there," she stated. No matter when her new music comes out, we are so proud of Demi for her courage and strength and we look forward to seeing what the future has in store for her!