Demi Lovato wants people to know that she's comfortable in her sexuality! In a new interview for Glamour, Lovato was candid about embracing that aspect of herself as of late, and explained why her engagement not working out has allowed her to live more freely.

Lovato calls her engagement ending "a huge sign"

Lovato shared that as she's grown up, she "started realizing how queer [she] really [is]," and reflected on her short-lived engagement to ex Max Ehrich. A whirlwind romance that began— and ended— during the pandemic, Lovato and Ehrich ended up splitting after six months.

"This past year, I was engaged to a man and when it didn't work, I was like, 'This is a huge sign,'" Lovato explained. She went on to say that because she had anticipated that she would "spend my life with someone," once the engagement was called off, she "felt this sense of relief that I could live my truth."


Lovato says hooking up with a woman "felt right"

Lovato currently labels herself as queer, but it sounds like she plans to get more specific about her sexuality in the future! "I know who I am and what I am," the "Confident" singer told Glamour in the magazine's March cover story, "but I'm just waiting until a specific timeline to come out to the world as what I am."

She explained that she's relying on spiritual guidance, and "using this time to really study and educate myself on my journey." Lovato also said that she's found herself more interested in relationships with women. "I hooked up with a girl and was like, 'I like this a lot more,'" she revealed. "It felt better. It felt right."

While she has dated both men and women, Lovato said she's found herself uncomfortable when getting "sexual or intimate" with guys. "I just found myself really appreciating the friendships of those people more than the romance," she shared, "and I didn't want the romance from anybody of the opposite sex."

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