Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande had a brief but fiery romance in 2018, and despite it being two years since the two were together, it would seem she's still got some things to say!

In her latest single titled "Positions", fans of Grande think there are some slight disses in her lyrics toward her ex.

Ariana Grande may be dissing Pete Davidson

At the stroke of midnight this Friday, Ariana Grande dropped her latest single "Positions", and fans are already loving it! Despite the catchy tune, those that really know the singer are hinting there may be some comments made toward her ex-fiancé Pete Davidson. 

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande attends the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards.

Davidson and Grande were briefly together in 2018, but the shortlived romance was anything but dull! The two started dating in May, and after just a few short weeks announced their engagement, but it was swiftly called quits that following October.

Now, the new single is her first feature song on her sixth studio album, and some lyrics have fans questioning if it's meant for Davidson!

The track talks about being so in love that you're willing to "do things you usually wouldn't do", and fans think that the subtle wordplay and pronunciation are a dig at Davidson.

While singing the line, "Heaven sent you to me, I’m just hoping I don’t repeat history," Grande breaks down the word "repeat", and accentuates the sound of "Pete."

Many are sure that this is a way for Grande to address the crazy romance! Hear the single below! What do you think?