After a few months in a relationship

Did Paul Walker's Daughter Meadow Get Married?

Meadow Walker and her partner Louis Thornton-Allan

Did wedding bells ring for the late Paul Walker's daughter Meadow? A new picture with her boyfriend Louis Thornton-Allan on Instagram might be suggesting that the pair officially tied the knot... 

  • Did Paul Walker's daughter Meadow get married?
  • She shares a picture with her boyfriend on Instagram
  • Both wear suspicious rings

Paul Walker's (†40) daughter Meadow Walker (22) is in seventh heaven! It was only in July of this year that she made her relationship with Louis Thornton-Allan public, and after a short time, an engagement followed. Has Meadow gotten married now?

Paul Walker's daughter Meadow: did she get married?

Meadow Walker posted a suspicious picture on Instagram on Monday. She poses lovingly in the selfie with her boyfriend Louis Thornton-Allan... but what is particularly noticeable is the gorgeous ring on Meadow's finger, which she shows off to the camera. Louis also wears a similar ring.

Meadow captions the photo simply "best friend," leaving fans to speculate. She has not yet commented on a wedding, but the picture speaks for itself. Hopefully, Paul Walker's daughter will soon tell her fans on Instagram whether there was actually a wedding. Regardless, we are happy for the gorgeous couple and wish them all the best! 

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