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Did You Know That Fran Drescher Was In 'Saturday Night Fever'?

Fran Drescher had her first acting appearance in 1977 in "Saturday Night Fever"

Fran Drescher in Saturday Night Fever? The Nanny star actually made an appearance in the cult dance film and was involved in a successful production many years before her breakthrough with the beloved and well-known sitcom. 

In 1977 Fran Drescher was able to get hold of a small part in Saturday Night Fever. The dance film is about the lives of young adults, whose weekly highlight is to storm the New York disco scene. 

On one of these disco evenings, "Tony" (John Travolta) meets a young lady who wants to dance with him - the lady is called “Connie” and is played by none other than Fran Drescher. With her flirtatious demeanor and turquoise dress, she tries to attract the attention of "Tony" - but only a short time later he loses himself in his own dance. 

After a short dance with "Tony", who is considered the "king of the dance floor" in the film, he steals the show from her, but the pretty Fran Drescher sticks in the minds of the audience. 

Fran Drescher had her first film appearance with Saturday Night Fever

Fran Drescher had her first film role in Saturday Night Fever. After this first small appearance in show business, the actress hoped for more roles and moved to Los Angeles with her partner Peter Marc Jacobson (63). 

Peter Marc Jacobson eventually became the first of Fran Drescher's husbands. Even though they divorced in 1999, they still maintain a friendly relationship to this day. The couple worked together on Fran Drescher's cult role of "Nanny" - Peter Marc Jacobson was the screenwriter of the series. 

Many years after Fran Drescher's part in Saturday Night Fever her breakthrough followed

Fran Drescher's appearance in Saturday Night Fever wasn't her biggest role. The actress became known worldwide with the sitcom The Nanny at the latest in 1993. 

John Travolta and Fran Drescher (in the background) in "Saturday Night Fever"

After all - even without Fran Drescher's main role - Saturday Night Fever is still one of the most popular films and has gone down in film history as a classic. The soundtrack, in particular, was highly praised and classics like "Stayin’ Alive" and "Night Fever" are known to almost everyone. 

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