Patrick Swayze (†59) and Jennifer Grey managed something with Dirty Dancing that only very few actors have achieved. With their performances as "Johnny" and "Baby" and their incredible love story, the two of them truly made movie history!

Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey struggled to find common ground

To this day, the movie is still immensely successful, and this is surely due to the great performance of the two actors. Therefore, it might surprise you that Patrick and Jennifer apparently did not get along at all behind the scenes.

Dirty Dancing: Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey's relationship?

In a Dirty Dancing documentary from a couple of years ago, it was made clear that Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey could not stand each other. In 1984, the two of them worked together for the first time in the movie Red Dawn. Already then, Swayze and Grey simply had nothing in common at all.

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Reportedly, Patrick Swayze thought Jennifer Grey was too young and naive. He, on the other hand, was driven by ambition. Therefore, the two of them were not only quite the opposite in the movie but also in real life.

Nevertheless, they managed to set aside their differences and create an iconic movie. All the Dirty Dancing fans around the world will forever be thankful they had amazing on-screen chemistry! Are you a true Dirty Dancing fan? Test your knowledge in our QUIZ! 

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