An incredible 32 years have passed since Jennifer Grey's (59) appearance in the cult movie "Dirty Dancing". Since then the actress has of course changed a lot. Jennifer is 59 years old and time has left its mark on her. But despite many changes Jennifer is still a beautiful woman.

But not only time has left its mark on Jennifer's appearance. The actress herself also helped a little. In particular, her nose changed, which she had corrected with the help of an operation. However, Jennifer was not particularly happy about this decision in retrospect, as she was no longer recognized by many people after her operation.

Jennifer Grey's success beyond "Dirty Dancing"

But Jennifer has not only had success with "Dirty Dancing". Following "Dirty Dancing" the actress could be seen in numerous movies like "Bloodhounds of Broadway", "Murder in Mississippi" and "The Road to Christmas". She also played in some series.

In 2010 Jennifer was also part of the show "Dancing with the Stars", where she proved that she hasn't forgotten her sense of rhythm since "Dirty Dancing". She left the dance show as the winner.

"Baby" from Dirty Dancing: Jennifer Grey is happily married

Since 2001, Jennifer's love life has also been excellent. She is happily married to the actor Clark Gregg (57). The two have a daughter named Stella, who is 18 years old. She is certainly very proud of her mother, who together with Patrick Swayze (†57) was perhaps the most beautiful couple ever.