It is probably the most discussed topic in Hollywood at the moment: the possible love comeback of singer Jennifer Lopez (51) and actor Ben Affleck (48). The two were already a couple in the 2000s and it looks like the old flame could be rekindled.

But do you still remember how hot Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were in the music video for "Jenny from the Block"?

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in the music video for "Jenny from the Block"

Jennifer Lopez's single "Jenny from the Block" was released in September 2002 - a short time after the singer and Ben Affleck made their relationship official. To this day the song is a real catchy tune known by many. But did you actually know who can be seen in the video?

Well, it was the newly in love lovebirds, Jennifer and Ben. Of course, hot kisses and sensual scenes are inevitable. It is more than obvious that the two were happy together at that point in time. Just one month after the stars started dating, the couple got engaged.

Love comeback? People are excited

The love comeback of the decade seems to cause enthusiasm among the fans and celebrities alike. If you read through the comments under the almost 20-year-old video, you will notice: People are crazy about “Bennifer”.

With so much excitement right now, you can easily forget that the love between the two stars ended after only two years of relationship. The celebrity couple suddenly broke their engagement and went their separate ways. A comeback after all these years would really be a surprise. We'll see if Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck actually sparked their love again.