Yes, Don Johnson was caught up in the big cat business with Melanie Griffith's family back in the day. The Miami Vice star was married to Griffith on two occasions, and he says they "hand raised" big cats together in the 1970s.

Don Johnson "hand raised" big cats with Melanie Griffith

Griffith's mother, actress Tippi Hedren, famously cared for dozens of big cats and lived with them in stunningly close quarters. In a new interview, Johnson recalled that he would "bottle feed" the lions and tigers and that he and his ex raised about "20 or 30" of them.

Don Johnson "Hand-Raised" Lions And Tigers With Ex-Wife Melanie Griffith

Johnson and Griffith divorced for the second time back in 1996. Her mother Tippi Hedren is 91 years old today, and her granddaughter Dakota Johnson (daughter of Don and Melanie) recently revealed that Hedren still lives with "13 or 14" big cats.

Please watch the video above for Don Johnson's full comments on raising big cats and more on Tippi Hedren's animal rescue efforts.