So, how are things going in Don Johnson's sex life? Perhaps that's a rather forward question, but Johnson was asked just that in a new interview with Andy Cohen.

The host quizzed the Miami Vice actor, famously popular with the ladies, on his love life now that he's in his 70s. And Johnson was pretty willing to chat about it.

Don Johnson talks sex life at his age

On Radio Andy, Cohen called Johnson a "Lothario" and asked him straight: "At whatever age you are right now, do you still have the same sex drive you always had?"

Johnson, who is 71, replied: "Andy... Yes, of course I do." Cohen pushed on, asking if the Nash Bridges star ever wishes his libido would die down.

Johnson said: "I've never once had that thought." He added: "And actually, you actually get better at it. I have turned it into a science."

Cohen joked: "Really? All rave reviews on Yelp for Don Johnson?" The actor laughed: "Well, I can't guarantee that (...) You never know what you have to work with, but I'm feeling pretty good about the review situation."

Don Johnson on sex in his 70s: "I have turned it into a science."

Through his years on Miami Vice and Nash Bridges, Johnson earned a reputation as a ladies man and major sex symbol in Hollywood.

He also has five children in five marriages, and he's still in that fifth marriage to Kelly Phleger, his wife since 1999.

Johnson appeared on Cohen's radio show to promote his Nash Bridges reboot movie. The actor also recently shared photos from a Greek vacation with his wife.