Donald Glover surprised fans by dropping a new album online— and then surprised them again when it suddenly disappeared. According to Deadline, Donald Glover Presents was available for streaming on a website of the same name ( for roughly 12 hours before disappearing. No explanation was given to why it appeared in the first place, nor why it was abruptly taken offline less than a day later, leaving many with questions.

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Donald Glover's new album: cover art and what it included

Glover's new album quickly caught people's attention, and even though it's vanished, the internet still has evidence of its existence! Many Twitter users tweeted about the album, some also including a photo of its cover art as shown on the now-defunct website. The four-panel sketch artwork appears unfinished, and depicts some kind of crowd gathered together as buildings burn in the background. 

As Deadline reports, Donald Glover Presents was a 12-song package that contained some previously released tracks from the singer. It also featured guest appearances from Ariana Grande, SA, and 21 Savage. Notably, Donald Glover Presents was the first album to be released under the singer's own name instead of his musical alter ego Childish Gambino, a persona Glover said he has retired.

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