He pleaded not guilty

Drake Bell Arrested

Drake Bell arrested in Cleveland for crimes against minors

Actor and singer Drake Bell was arrested this week in Cleveland on charges of various crimes against minors. The Drake and Josh star pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Drake Bell, the famous actor and singer was arrested this week in Ohio. The unspecified charges have frightened fans and many are hoping to understand what the Nickelodeon star has allegedly done. 

Drake Bell arrested for crimes against minors

Drake and Josh fans are in shock after news has spread that Drake Bell has been arrested. Deadline reposted that Drake was arrested in Cleveland, Ohio on charges of endangerment of a child and disseminating matter harmful to juveniles. 

Apparently, he was released after posting a $2,500 bond. And according to the documents obtained by TMZ, he has pleaded not guilty.

Drake Bell at an event in Beverly Hills in 2019

Although the reasons for the charges were not specified, the fact that Bell was released after posting bail of just $ 2,500 could indicate that his actions were not serious.

Just over 5 years after being arrested for driving under the influence, Drake Bell is once again facing legal issues.

Drake Bell's next steps after being charged with crimes against minors

Although the information obtained by local media is not much, the next steps in the judicial process that Drake Bell will face have already been established.

Drake Bell at an event in Los Angeles in 2019

Bell will have to avoid contacting his alleged victim (or victims) and undergo a DNA test, a common practice in the Ohio State Justice System. He will also have to attend a hearing via Zoom on June 23, where he is expected to be sentenced or to start a trial to prove his innocence.