Drew Barrymore has shared why she struggled with the process of separating from her husband, Will Kopelman! Barrymore talked about her split from Kopelman on Sunday TODAY, opening up to host Willie Geist about what she found most difficult about getting a divorce.

Barrymore was concerned how daughters would handle split

Barrymore admitted that even though she and Kopelman separated back in 2016, she used to have a hard time discussing their decision to get a divorce. "I don’t think I would have been able to talk about it as openly at first,” she told Geist. "I really did not take divorce well. I took it really hard." 

As the actress and talk show host explained, she was most worried about how her daughters— 8-year-old Olive and 6-year-old Frankie— would handle their parents' separation. "I think that's why I took [the divorce] so hard," she said. "I was, like, 'Oh, the ultimate promise I wanted to make with you and for you was to have this amazing family. And I found them. And there's something not working that isn't livable. How tragic is that?'"

 Drew Barrymore at the 8th Annual Breakthrough Prize Ceremony on November 03, 2019, in Mountain View, California. 

Barrymore reveals she's unsure if she would re-marry again

Barrymore said that while she and Kopelman are no longer together, their families ended up banding together for the sake of their kids. "But, the good news is that his family and I sort of made the most important choice: to be so together and united and connected," she shared. "That's, I guess, what they call family. I know from not growing up with any family whatsoever that that was the last thing I wanted to do for my daughters."

As People shares, while Barrymore was also previously married to both Jeremy Thomas and Tom Green— the latter of whom she recently reunited with— she said she doesn't know if she would ever marry again. "It's like, I don't think I've recovered from that," Barrymore admitted. "I don't know how to open that up again. It's like something closed, and it stayed closed. I think I'm equally as scared to find love again as I would be as if it never happened." 

"Like divorce, things fell into place finally. It’s amazing that my kids and I are happy," Barrymore continued. Because there’s been a lot of times I really did question, like, 'will we be happy?' and we are. So that chokes me up." While it may have taken Barrymore a while to accept the reality of separating from her husband, it's great to hear that she's in a much better place now! 

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