• Meghan Markle is one of the world's biggest style icons
  • She is known for a gorgeous face, and full lips
  • Meghan has a special trick for making herself look beautiful

So what is it? What is all the fuss about? Why write this article? It's all about Meghan Markle's lips, which always look natural and full. In fact, she likes to make up her lips with a special technique: the so-called "overlining". Yes, Prince Harry's wife also likes to cheat her lips a little bigger with a lip liner by drawing beyond the natural line. How clever is that?

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However, Meghan is quite the expert at making this happen, and it does take some practice, believe it or not. So, how does Meghan get her lips like that? She does it in a very understated way - no comparison to the extreme looks of the '90s. Contrary to the trend at that time, Meghan opts for lip liners that are just a little darker than her actual lip color. So the "overlining" is hardly noticeable.

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