Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Introduces Adult Daughter To Fans

Recently, the Robertson's broke the news on Duck Commander patriarch Phil's podcast Unashamed that they found out he fathered a daughter 45 years ago. Before Phil Robertson found Jesus he had lived a life of sin and during that time period, he had an affair that resulted in the birth of a girl he was left unaware of until now.

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The secret was kept from both Phil and his daughter Phyllis until she decided to do DNA test that helped her realize who her famous Dad was. Now the family has met and is building a relationship together. Phyllis was introduced on the Unashamed podcast after a few days of the family getting to know each other in person. The blended family is getting along swimmingly and has connected on countless levels including their devotion to Christianity. 

Duck Dynasty's Robertson Family Post Loving Photos Of New Family Member

Now a bunch of Robertson Family members are shouting their love for Phyllis from the rooftops and are posting pictures of her on social media. Big Brother Jase posted a photo of him and his new sister with the caption "Yep, I have a sister. And she’s awesome." 

Willie Robertson Instagram post.

Duck Commander head Willie Robertson's daughter Sadie Robertson posted a photo to her Instagram story saying "The bigger the better." The love continued to gush out when youngest Robertson son Jep posted "I always dreamed of having a big sister to take up for me against my big bro’s. Fast forward 41 years... I’m pumped Phyllis is here with us now. Love you big sis!"

The sweet love keeps on coming. Check out the Unashamed episode where Phyllis is introduced and speaks about her experience joining the big Robertson family here: