From serial killer, to detective, to superhero, Michael Rooker can do it all!

Guardians of the Galaxy's Michael Rooker

Born April 6th, 1955 as one of 10 brothers and sisters to a family in Jasper, Alabama, Michael was destined to shine. When he and his siblings moved to Chicago he even studied at the Goodman School of Drama. 

It wasn't until 1986 that Rooker made his film debut as violent murderer "Henry Lee Lucas" in Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer that was raved as a great film by Roger Ebert! He went on to fill more dramatic roles in the baseball film Eight Men Out, and the political thriller JFK. Without having to stick himself into one type of genre, Michael also conquered action films like Days Of Thunder, Cliffhanger and beloved Western Tombstone. 

The Walking Dead Launched Rooker's Career To New Levels

Once he landed the spot as "Merle Dixon", Norman Reedus' character's terrifying older brother in The Walking Dead, that's when he really grew a huge cult following. His fans relish in every butt-kicking role he conquers like the Guardians of the Galaxy series, The Belko Experiment and Brightburn.

Luckily, fans get to see him in the 2020 Blumhouse film Fantasy Island, in the next Fast and Furious film and the Suicide Squad sequel. His goofy personality and powerful voice make him so easy to watch in every role.

Check out the trailer for Fantasy Island here!

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