Leave it to Ellen DeGeneres to stage a mini Friends reunion and make fans go absolutely wild! On The Ellen Show on Tuesday, Courteney Cox appeared as a guest to promote her new Instagram page and her Facebook Series Nine Months With Courteney Cox.

Mini Friends Reunion

For her guest appearance, Ellen "flawlessly recreated the layout of the Central Perk coffee house set to commemorate the actor's very first Instagram photo," according to Bustle. Ellen very casually admitted that they were sitting on the real iconic couch used in the Friends television series and said "I wish Lisa Kudrow was here because that would be fun." In that moment, guess who appeared? Lisa Kudrow!

Fans in the live-audience went wild and Courteney was so glad to have Lisa there to support her. With Friends fans hoping for a reboot or a reunion, both the show creator and NBC have denied those requests and rumours saying that they can't reboot everything.

We will just have to be satisfied with little mini reunions like this one and be glad that our favourite characters are still just as close in real life.