The Real Slim Shady celebrates sobriety

On Monday Eminem shared to Twitter the shiny black medallion he received for making the "clean dozen" mark!

The 47 year old rapper took a photo of the chip he earned in Alcoholics Anonymous, which featured the words "unity", "service", and "recovery".

Along with the words of encouragement the reminder, "One day at a time" is also stamped on the metal coin.

While this token is not an official AA chip, recovering addicts often use such chips to encourage themselves forward in their process, and to serve as a reminder of their commitment.


Eminem had a near death experience back in 2007 when he accidentally overdosed on prescription pills. At the time, the rapper was taking up to 20 pills a day of various methadone-based prescriptions such as Valium, Ambien, and Vicodin. 

In 2010 Eminem revealed that he took pills wherever he could, saying, “I was just taking anything that anybody was giving to me.”

The rapper a few years later revealed that he sees an addiction counsellor every week, and credits his three daughters as his motivation to keep moving forward in the right direction.

“I love them so much and they’ve helped me through so many things,” he said.