The Oscars without a host? Hard to imagine! Nevertheless, this year for the first time in 30 years the Academy Awards will take place without a host leading us through the evening.

Oscars 2019: No Host And A New Category

The reason: The originally planned host, Kevin Hart (39) turned down the opportunity after outcry from the LGBTQ community surfaced concerning homophobic tweets he had made ten years ago. After some back and forth, no apology and then an apology, Kevin Hart made the ultimate decision to turn down hosting the Oscars to not be a distraction for the prestigious night. 

The Oscars Will Only Take Three Hours This Year

But this is not the only change for the 2019 Academy Awards. The nominees for the Oscars this year have already been announced, but only a few weeks ago they were unclear about establishing a new category.

What this really means and what changes there will be for the Oscars this year, you can find out in the video.

Actor/Comedian Kevin Hart

The Oscars are a definitive "No" for the comedian

Kevin Hart: "I'm over it."