If the Kardashian-Jenner's are known for one thing, it's throwing major parties! The wealthy family is under scrutiny again after Khloé Kardashian revealed they'll still throw their annual Christmas Eve party, despite the global pandemic.

Sharing there will be some changes in the way they normally do things, nothing, and they mean nothing, will stop them from throwing their epic Christmas bash!

Khloé Kardashian reveals Christmas Eve party

The Kardashian-Jenner's always throw their lavish and wild Christmas Eve party, sharing epic moments on social media for us peasants to gawk at.

Khloe Kardashian attends Abyss By Abby - Arabian Nights Collection Launch Party.

This year, despite some major backlash, it would seem the party is still on! The family has been under some scrutiny these last few weeks after Kim Kardashian flew over 20 of her closest friends and family to a private island for her 40th birthday, as well as Kendall Jenner throwing her 25th birthday bash on Halloween!

Despite all this, Khloé revealed on her Twitter that the holiday party might be smaller than normal, but in no way will it be cancelled!

When asked if she was going to cancel the party, the reality star said, "I pray not," before adding, "I think it will have to be way smaller obviously. And I’m totally fine with that! But we’re definitely celebrating Christmas."

Khloé came under fire after posting her tweet with people responding to how disappointed they were in the fact that they flaunt their money and talk about rapid testing, meanwhile thousands of Americans struggle to get tests.

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