Have you ever wondered how it would be to have a dolphin as a friend? Former actor Luke Halpin definitely knows the answer. He became a teen idol after portraying "Sandy" in the 1967 series Flipper, where he played the role of a young boy who shares lots of adventures with a very intelligent dolphin.

Halpin gained international recognition but after the series ended it was hard to keep track of him.

Luke Halpin and "Flipper"

What is Flipper star Luke Halpin doing today?

It seems that the American former actor Luke Halpin has lived a secluded life since the series ended. His last appearance on screen was in 1996 as a guest role for the remake of Flipper, but now he still works in the film industry. In 2004 he attended the 40th anniversary of the show, which was nominated for two TV Land awards.

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