This week, Courteney Cox delighted her Instagram followers with a #ThrowbackThursday image from January 23, 2004. This was the last day that the Friends cast spent on set shooting the series finale, "The Last One." She captioned the photo "The Last Supper," as it shows the six Friends stars together for a final meal before they shoot the finale.

Courteney Cox's Friends #TBT

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More Friends to come?

Friends fans have wondered if photos of the former Friends cast members spending time together hint at the possibility of a reunion for the show. As of yet, no reunion has been confirmed.

But fans can still hope! The cast members and show's original creators have expressed mutual interest in continuing the series. Until it happens, fans can follow along with the memories and personal reunions the cast members share on Instagram.

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Another amazing pic of "Rachel", "Monica" and "Phoebe"!

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