For many, Lisa Kudrow is simply a sensational actress, which is why for many others she remains their favorite character on Friends. She plays the innocent and goofy "Phoebe". However, outside the world of Friends, Lisa has led a full life, in which she has also experienced the unique feeling that motherhood generates after having given birth to the one who remains her only son: Julian Murray. 

This is Julian Murray, the son of Friends star Lisa Kudrow

Julian was born on May 7, 1998. He is 23 years old and is the only child from Lisa's relationship with Michel Stern. Even Lisa's pregnancy in the 90s was utilized in Friends, after in the late summer of 1997 the actress received the news that she was pregnant.


Despite having an extremely famous mother, Julian is not a fanatic about his mother's work, because although he recognizes her career and admires her, Lisa Kudrow herself recently revealed in an interview for OK! Magazine that her son is not a fan of her work and they don't usually talk much about Friends. "He’s been thrilled about certain things I’ve done, but he’s not a fan of mine and I don’t want him to be," Lisa said. 

The now 58-year-old actress has a good relationship with Julian, an aspect about which she has also revealed that, like any mother, she tries to guide him and give him life advice. 

"I want him to be my son. He should hold me accountable for parental things. He’s unbelievably great. We lucked out. I try to advise him about girls, then I realize I probably don’t know what I’m talking about," Lisa added to OK! Magazine.

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