Before acting, Euphoria's "Ashtray" aka Javon Walton had his main interest set in sport of boxing, as well as gymnastics. Born on July 23, 2006 in the state of Georgia, he had his start early in boxing and gymnastics. His father owns a boxing gym in Georgia, so it only makes sense that he's Javon's coach in real life!

He gained notoriety throughout his Instagram page, where he'd post his athletic self doing stunts and fighting matches. He has also even appeared on The Steve Harvey Show, performing similar acrobatic stunts! His next big gig, at just 10 years old, was landing an Under Armour sponsorship and starring in a commercial with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson for the famous sports brand. 

Euphoria's "Ashtray": This Is Javon Walton

Euphoria was Javon Walton's first major television production where he received the role as a tattooed drug dealer "Ashtray". As a child star, Walton is still discovering his identity and figuring out how to balance his life with his many passions. He told Men's Health,

"I’m just worried about doing the things I love," meaning he wants to focus on his interests rather than settle for trade-offs.

Javon Walton at the 'Euphoria' premiere

After his success with Euphoria, Javon can also be seen in the Amazon Original series Utopia, opposite John Cusack. He'll also be starring in the 2021 film Samaritan, which includes one of his actual heroes, Sylvester Stallone. As announced, season 2 of Euphoria is under way for filming, so we will hopefully see more of him in the Emmy Award-winning series! 

Aside from his acting skills, Javon is currently training for the 2024 Paris Olympics! What a persistent and talented young one he is! When asked about the Olympic in his Men's Health interview, Javon stated with confidence,

“I can’t wait until that time comes. Paris, it’s gonna be lit.

Meanwhile, Javon is also doing some voice acting for the 2021 animated film The Addams Family 2, which is of course set for an October release date. 

Whether it's in Paris or on the set of Euphoria, "Ashtray's" revival in the show is something we can't wait for! Check out his boxing skills with his dad right here!