'Full House': Candace Cameron Bure's Daughter Looks Exactly Like Her!

Candace Cameron Bure and her daughter look exactly alike!
May 10, 2020 - 13:27 / Cynthia Springer

Candace Cameron Bure portrayed the sassy teen "D.J. Tanner" in the sitcom Full House for eight years, and would later return for it's spin-off, Fuller House, 21 years later! Check out how much Candace's daughter is following her mother's footsteps in the video above!

For 8 seasons, Candace Cameron Bure was one of the most beloved characters on the sitcom Full House. Luckily, she came back for the spin-off Fuller House in 2016 where we get to see her raise children on the series! Now that Candace is all-grown up, we can really see how her daughter Natasha transformed into her mini-me! Find out more in the video above!

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This is how we remember "D.J. Tanner" - Check out how Candace Cameron Bure's daughter looks eerily alike, minus the '80s hair!

Candace Cameron Bure starred in the series Full House as "D.J Tanner"

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