The only good thing that came from the horrible Fyre Festival ordeal filled with scams, wire fraud, lies, and manipulation was Andy King, the "ultimate team player." His charm and the lengths he would go to help people, won over millions of viewers and he grew a huge following. Now Andy has found love!

Fyre Festival's Andy King Outshines Billy and Ja Rule

Netflix's Fyre Festival: The Greatest Party That Never Happened gave us the gift of 58-year-old Andy King. Andy was one of the event organizers manipulated by convicted con man Billy McFarland, who became incredibly popular for being so sweet, charming, and endlessly dedicated.

When the island where the failed festival had concert-goers trapped without water because Billy had stiffed the Bahamian customs bill, Billy convinced Andy that the only way to secure the water was to give the customs worker oral sex. Andy admitted he was "fully prepared" to do the transaction to secure water for the desperate guests. Luckily, his charm alone won the release of the water and he did not have to partake in Billy's suggested transaction.

Since the documentary aired, Andy has seen a wild amount of popularity and even partnered up with Evian for a campaign releasing limited-edition bottles with the slogan "so good you'd do anything for it." Similarly, Andy was recruited by Ryan Reynolds for his new Aviation Gin commercial. 

Fyre Festival's Andy King Shows Of New Boyfriend

Now Andy has finally gone public with his super cute 26-year-old Scottish boyfriend Craig McBlain! He posted a photo of the two of them on on a beach with the caption "It only took 58 years to find true love #neverstoplooking #scotland #usa #spreadlove." 

The two seemingly met at a not-so-disastrous music festival in Miami, and McBlain posted a selfie with the event producer last year. Their romance must have blossomed from there because now Andy is head over heels. Congratulations Andy!