Gal Gadot has revealed the advice she most wants to share with her kids! In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Gadot opened up about the importance of perseverance and not getting sidetracked by pursuing fame.

Gadot says that hard work is the most important thing

Gadot kept it pretty honest when it came to what she would tell her children! "That there are no shortcuts and there are no easy ways and there's no free meals. You've got to work hard in order to enjoy the good results," she told Entertainment Tonight. "With my kids, I want them to always enjoy the process and know that it's OK to fail and it's great to go ahead and try again. I want them to have the motivation and the hunger to pursue whatever it is that they want to pursue."

The actress also expressed her belief that people should pursue their passions for the right reasons! "Sometimes I see kids or teenagers that all they want to do is to be famous, but it's nonsense," she said. "You gotta do something real, that will fill you and will make you feel valuable and will keep your mind and your brain stimulated. There's no secrets. The secret is that there's no secrets. In order to do something great, you really have to work hard for it."

Gadot's daughters "helped out" on Wonder Woman 1984 set

Gadot also opened up about what the environment was like on the set of Wonder Woman 1984, which sees her reteam with co-star Chris Pine— who she "couldn't imagine" doing another Wonder Woman without— and director Patty Jenkins. And as the actress told Entertainment Tonight, her daughters even got to be part of the action this time around!

"We really became family. Patty's family and my family are really close -- our husbands, our children -- and we made sure to bring them all on set," Gadot revealed. "The kids helped out giving away sides to everybody and sitting by the video village. And when we were shooting on locations, they were always there. They're part of the circus, you know? We can't do it by ourselves."

While it was originally slated to be released this summer, Wonder Woman 1984 will make its debut on Christmas Day! The highly anticipated superhero sequel was delayed several times because of the coronavirus pandemic, but is coming to both theatres and HBO Max next month.

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