Gayle King has shared that when Adele sat down with Oprah Winfrey as part of a 2-hour special, it was their first in-person conversation! Adele One Night Only will be broadcast on television on November 14, and in a new interview, King shared her surprise at the fact the "Easy On Me" singer hadn't met Winfrey before.

King calls Adele's Oprah interview a "special day"

King, who has been close to Winfrey for years, did not get into too much detail about what the host's chat with Adele involved. However, she told Entertainment Tonight's Kevin Fraser that she "heard from reliable sources that it went really, really well." She also mentioned how Adele and Oprah had never sat down in person before, making it a "special day" for them both.

Then, she shared a humorous anecdote from the taping! King said that after seeing Adele's outfit, Oprah immediately changed what she had on. While she called Oprah's previous outfit "fabulous," she alluded to the fact that it made sense why she switched it up. The pre-recorded special also includes a concert performance, with King revealing that Adele "played [some] new songs, and then she played [a few] of her classics."

Gayle King, 2019 Honoree WMC Visible and Powerful Award, attends the 2019 Women's Media Awards on October 22, 2019.

King gushed over Adele, saying the singer "did not disappoint" and "looked so good". Earlier this year, Winfrey made headlines for her exclusive interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, which saw several bombshell reveals from the royal couple. Who knows what kinds of surprises could come up during Adele One Night Only— it looks like fans will just have to tune in when it airs to find out!