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Rose McIver: Is The 'Ghosts' Actress Married?

Rose McIver: Is The Ghosts Actress Married?

Rose McIver is the star of the new CBS sitcom Ghosts. Are you curious if the actress, who's from New Zealand, is married, has a boyfriend, or is single? Well, look no further. This article dives in to McIver's relationship status today.

For years now, Rose McIver has been making a name for herself in cool projects. She's probably best known from the CW series iZombie and the Netflix movie series A Christmas Prince.

Now, McIver also stars as "Samantha" in the new CBS sitcom Ghosts. Wherever you may know her from, we're here to find out her relationship status. So what is it: married, dating, single?

Ghosts actress Rose McIver: Married, husband, boyfriend?

For starters, the New Zealand actress is not married. She has been in a few long-term relationships, but it doesn't appear she's ever been engaged, either.

The big reveal: Rose is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend of about five years, George Byrne. He's a successful Australian artist and photographer. Here he is, in a recent tribute McIver shared for one of Byrne's exhibitions.

The couple met in 2011 after McIver moved to Los Angeles, according to the New Zealand outlet Now to Love. They later reconnected and began dating in 2017.

In the same piece, McIver told the magazine that she and Byrne live together in an east Los Angeles home.

Though the couple doesn't post much about their relationship online, you'll occasionally see them step out to LA art galleries and the like on McIver's Instagram.

We're cheering on Rose and George, who seem like a great and eclectic couple! McIver's new series, Ghosts, is also getting great reviews and solid ratings in season 1.