The Hollywood Foreign Press Associations has once again gathered the press to announce the official list of nominees for the awards ceremony being celebrated in the new year. However, the usual excitement and fanfare that surround these proceedings simply hasn't been there so far, and experts can't help but speculate that this may well be a sign of the times for the Golden Globes.

The announcement is usually televised with the eyes of the world watching, but this time around things were quite different. The HFPA usually has a handful of A-list celebrities on hand to present the nominees, but they instead turned to Snoop Dogg, who read the list of names on a live stream from the Globes' official YouTube channel. And it seems like Hollywood has mostly shrugged!

Golden Globes Nominees Revealed!

Golden Globes Nominees Revealed!

This could due to the criticism that the HFPA received last year when a Los Angeles Times' expose detailed some of the HFPA's unethical behavior and revealed that its 87 voting members didn't include one Black journalist! 

“This has been a year of change and reflection for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association,” said a spokesperson for the awards. But for many in Hollywood it's too soon for the awards to return to business as usual after such a reckoning. Some have even called for the awards to be cancelled altogether.

Even still, the list of nominees include stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Denzel Washington, and Kristen Stewart among others. So, it's likely that the star power on board will enough to attract the usual viewership. But it remains to be seen whether the awards will even come to fruition as many producers and performers are considering boycotting next years' ceremony.

It's certainly a time for change in Hollywood, and some of its biggest stars are leading the charge!

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