Famous chef Gordon Ramsay is used to being Mr. Tough Guy, but as it turns out, his wife Tana is saying that's the furthest from the truth!

Suffering a devastating pregnancy loss in 2016, Tana is revealing that Gordon was extremely supportive, and helped her feel less alone during the emotional time. 

Tana Ramsay reveals support from Gordon

Gordon Ramsay's wife, Tana, revealed an emotional and devastating loss regarding a pregnancy in 2016 during her latest interview with a U.K. publication, Metro.

Gordon Ramsay and his wife Tana arrive at the Imperial War Museumattend "A Night of Heros", the annual Sun Military Awards.

Five months into her pregnancy, Tana and Gordon lost their child in a devastating turn of events. The two have since then welcomed their now-19-month-old son, Oscar James, but Tana reflected on the heartbreaking loss.

"Gordon was amazing," she said. "He's always been one to talk about everything and he was very good at sort of talking it out of me and never making me feel that, 'Oh, you know, maybe we shouldn't talk about it.'"

She also touched on the most recent pregnancy loss that gripped the headlines between Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, saying that she finds it "very emotional."

"I find it very emotional and I thought she was amazing," Tana said. When I read about her situation, I don't know the ins and outs, but certainly, a lot of it sounded incredibly similar to mine."

"It brings it all back," she continued, "And I think she was amazing for talking about it and posting the photos that she did."

Teigen's openness came as a sense of relief for Tana, who shared that it helped her feel less alone in such a heartbreaking moment, adding that she "found it really hard when people would talk to me and not mention it because it was like it never happened."

"All I wanted to do was talk about it with friends, with family, with anyone who asked me about it because it was incredibly hard," she added. "You go from having a baby kicking inside of you to suddenly it's not there, and it was a really hard experience."

Tana shares five children with Gordon and has recently teamed up with Pampers to help women everywhere with premature babies make sure they're all cozied up in the perfect diaper.