What to do when you're an extremely talented and successful musician? Open up a music venue, of course! Harry Styles is showing off his love of Manchester and his love of music and is set to build a centre for live music.

While many concerts are delayed indefinitely, Styles is looking to the future, and ensuring that when the time comes, a new live music venue is ready to open its doors!

Harry Styles invests in a new music venue

Harry Styles is one of the major investors for a new live music venue in Manchester, England, and shares this is one passion project he is very excited for. 

While many concerts and events are delayed, Styles is looking to the future and making sure that when the time comes, more opportunities to see live music is a reality for those in the city.

Styles, who is one of the main investors for the £350 million centre, called Co-Op Live, is looking forward to headlining in the arena.

"As long as everything’s in order by 2023, hopefully, they’ll let me play there. If I haven’t messed it up yet," he said according to ET

Styles has been touring with One Direction, and then solo, for the past 10 years, and the musician shares he knows what it is he wants from a venue.

"Ultimately, I’m a music fan," he said. "I love going to shows, I love live music."

Styles has been working hard on the plans to ensure that it is a "stand out" place to perform.

"What’s going to make it different than just touring? I want it to be a room that people remember playing and look forward to playing," he said.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Styles had to put his "Fine Line" tour on pause, and despite being bummed by not being able to travel and tour, what's most important is fans and staff of the arena's safety. 

Styles has also been cast in Olivia Wilde's psychological thriller, Don't Worry, Darling, working alongside award-winning actresses such as Florence Pugh. 

Styles shared that the switch from music to acting can be difficult, but is happy that he's able to work on projects he's passionate about.

"You try and put so much of yourself into music and then you’re trying to actively remove that from any acting," he said. "I feel incredibly lucky to be able to do two things I love doing."

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