There's been a rare new sighting of actor Jorge Garcia. He was recently out and about in California where paparazzi snagged a few photos of the star, who's largely kept out of the spotlight since his time on Hawaii Five-0 came to an end.

Hawaii Five-0: New Jorge Garcia pictures in 2021

Garcia and his wife Rebecca Birdsall are seen in the new pictures running errands in San Fernando Valley. Dressed casually, the actor showed a little more grey in his beard and hair than fans may remember.

It's thought that Garcia hadn't been seen in public since late 2018, when he stepped out for a Hawaii Five-0 premiere event. Over the years, Garcia has also been the subject of weight-loss conversation due to concerns about his health.

Lost actor Jorge Garcia today

Dating back to his days on Lost, Garcia was thought to have weighed in at over 400 pounds, but he had also visibly shed some weight towards the end of his time on Hawaii Five-0 in 2019. He's only had one minor TV role on MacGyver since then.

Garcia had also shared a selfie earlier this month, which came as a shoutout for a new book by Shannon Carbonnell, the wife of Garcia's former Lost co-star Nestor Carbonell.

We hope to see Jorge back on-screen again sometime soon! See where the rest of the Lost cast is today here.

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