Grace Park played officer "Kono Kalakaua" in the action police series, Hawaii Five-0 from 2010-2017. After her departure from the beloved show, fans wondered why she would leave such a successful series after appearing in 168 episodes! Nonetheless, you can still find Grace on the TV format...

Grace Park's controversial departure on Hawaii Five-0

In 2017, Grace Park and co-star Daniel Dae Kim famously left the iconic Hawaii Five-0 series. She told Entertainment Weekly in 2018: 

"Sometimes it’s better not to talk. I’m not interested in airing out dirty laundry."

The issue was fueled by her other co-stars, Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan, receiving a higher pay wage than both her and Kim. Ultimately, negotiations for equal pay were not met, following the departure of Park and Kim. 

Grace Park starred in Hawaii Five-0

This is Grace Park today

After Grace left the series, she started working on other projects, including the 2018 sci-fi thriller Freaks, opposite Emile Hirsch. In it, Park revisits her role as an authority figure where she portrays the government agent "Cecelia Ray". 

Currently, Grace is starring in the drama ABC series A Million Little Things as of 2018! The show has four seasons as of now! In the series, Grace plays "Katherine Kim", a lawyer who's trying to juggle life as a mother and wife. She stars in an ensemble cast with David Giuntoli, Romany Malco, Allison Miller, and Christina Moses. 

Grace Park in May 2018

Grace has been married to real estate developer Phil Kim as of 2004. The pair currently resides in Vancouver, Canada with their one son. 

The couple keeps their lives incredibly private, including not having any social media accounts! We hope to see more of her on the silver screen!

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