Michelle Borth (41) has been playing the role of "Catherine Rollins" in the popular crime series Hawaii Five-0 since 2010. Michelle Borth uses Instagram to keep in touch with her fans and keep them up to date with the latest news.

On her account the actress gives insights into her life. She is also not afraid to share private photos of herself and her loved ones with her fans.

Michelle Borth's posts on Instagram

In June Michelle Borth let the fans know on Instagram that she had welcomed a new member to her family - someone very special.

In this photo of her new four-legged friend the actress wrote: "Thank you @wattsproject for letting me adopt this beautiful soul: Senor Rummy, alias Rum Rum, alias Rum Diaries, alias Rocky".

At the same time she says to support the organization. Posts about her dogs can be found on Michelle's Instagram account. The actress seems to be really proud of her four-legged friends.

Michelle Borth invites us into her private life

This post also proves that Michelle Borth never takes herself too seriously. For the presentation of the MTV Music Awards 2019, the actress indulged herself in a few cocktails, which promptly led her to record a video in which she disagrees with a winner. 

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