Heather Thompson is fueling the fire of rumours she might return to Real Housewives of New York! The RHONY alum sat down on a podcast and dished some more details!

RHONY has received a bit of a facelift (and no we're not talking about Sonja Morgan) and welcomed a new member recently, however, Thompson shared she could be popping in to say hello, too!

Heather Thompson teases RHONY return

In the latest interview with Heather Thompson on Behind the Velvet Rope podcast, the former reality star teased that she may not be done with the Real Housewives franchise, after all!

Heather Thomson attend the launch of Smash + Tess X Carole Radziwill collaboration at Crosby Street Hotel.

There was talk a while ago the RHONY alum would return after she posted an Instagram live saying that she misses the show and would consider coming back.

"There was a lot of buzz of me coming back and you know, I said, I think it was on stories, I did a video, you know that I’ll be back, I’ll be back. I’ll be back. I’ll be back. And I will," she said.

"I hold true to that," she continued. "I have made a cameo on just about every season since I left the show. I’ve been off the show for six years, almost seven years, I haven’t been on the show, but I’ve made a cameo each and every time."

She then added that she likes the "relationship" she has with the show, saying that "until that doesn’t feel good anymore" she'll continue to make cameos.

Thompson was then pressed about a photo shared to Instagram by the newest member of the cast, Eboni K. Williams, in which she shared the whole cast, Thompson included.

"You’re going to have to tune in. And wait and see," she teased.

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