New York native, Ron Perlman was born April 13th, 1950 to a modest Jewish family. He excelled in acting and even earned a master's degree in theatre arts from the University of Minnesota. He had a few acting roles under his belt before he earned a Golden Globe Award for his performance of "Vincent" in Beauty and the Beast which really put him on the map.

Hellboy's Ron Perlman

Perlman is most well known for his role as "Hellboy" in Guillermo Del Toros Hellboy series and as "Clay Morrow" in the hit FX series Sons Of Anarchy.

Ron Perlman's Net Worth In 2021

Today, Ron Perlman has done work in over 250 film, television, and voice-acting roles that have earned him a mind-boggling net worth of $15 Million! He has even more work planned for the next few years, starring alongside Milla Jovovich in Monster Hunter.

We can't wait to see what he does next!

Michael Landon in Little House on the Prairie

The TV star is still sorely missed!

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