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'The Witcher': This Is Henry Cavill's Rise To Fame

Check out Henry Cavill's rise to fame!

You may recognize Henry Cavill from Netflix's The Witcher, or as "Clark Kent" from the Superman movies. Either way, he's overcome quite the acting journey to finally become a shining Hollywood star! Check out Henry Cavill's rise to fame...

British actor Henry Cavill is the new face of Netflix in the supernatural series, The Witcher. Before he retrieved this main role in 2019, he actually starred in a handful of hit shows and movies - but was also rejected from being cast in some of the biggest films we know today, too...

The Witcher's Henry Cavill's rise to fame

Born in the Channel Islands on May 5th, 1983, Cavill grew up with four other brothers and hardworking parents. He first got his start in acting in the films Laguna (2001) and The Count of Monte Cristo (2002), as well as appearances in the series The Inspector Lynley Mysteries (2002) and Midsomer Murders (2003). 

Henry Cavill attends The Witcher World Premiere at Vue Cinema West End on December 16, 2019 in London, England

It wasn't until 2007 that he had his breakthrough role in the Showtime series, The Tudors, where he portrayed Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk. The show received international success and won an Emmy in 2008. 

Like many actors, he had some hiccups along the way. In 2004, he was supposed to be cast as "Superman" in the film Superman: Flyby, however, when there was a change of directors, Brandon Routh replaced Cavill for the part (and it was renamed Superman Returns).

Additionally, he was also supposed to be cast as "Cedric Diggory" in the Harry Potter films, AND "Edward Cullen" in the Twilight films. All parts went to heartthrob Robert Pattinson instead. Ouch! 

Yet, his career prevailed in 2011 when he was finally cast as "Clark Kent" in Man of Steel. He returned in the 2016 sequel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, as well as 2017's Justice League.

Henry recently starred as "Sherlock Holmes" with Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown in the film Enola Holmes

We can't wait! For now, we'll be binge-watching this beautiful man on Netflix's The Witcher