The Hugh Jackman-Ryan Reynolds mock feud is one storyline that's keeping us entertained during quarantine! Last week, Jackman revealed that the cause of their friendly rivalry had to do with Reynolds's now ex-wife, Scarlett Johansson. 

Reynolds also revived the feud with a humorous comment on an Instagram post for Jackman's 24th wedding anniversary.

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman join the #AllInChallenge

On Monday, the pair took part in a new video that was uploaded to Reynolds's YouTube account. They announced that they will pause their feud for one day in the future, when they will get together to serve drinks at a children's lemonade stand.

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Their fun offer is part of the fundraising effort for America's Food Fund during the COVID-19 crisis. One lucky person who donates to the campaign will win a two-hour visit from Reynolds and Jackman as they assist with lemonade service for kids.

Watch their video announcement below.

The Ryan Reynolds-Hugh Jackman feud unites for a good cause

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Reynolds captioned the YouTube video: "Hugh and I are setting our generations long feud aside for one day."

They settled on lemonade as a middle-ground between the beverage companies owned by Reynolds (gin) and Jackman (coffee). The video also notes that it is "tolerated by Deb Jackman and Blake Lively," the wives of Jackman and Reynolds. 

We welcome further developments in the Reynolds-Jackman feud - especially when they team up for a good cause!