The shock is still deep for Alec Baldwin. While filming his movie Rust, the actor accidentally shot cinematographer Halyna Hutchins (†42) with a prop gun that was loaded with live ammunition. It's not yet clear who is to blame for the tragic incident.

Alec Baldwin's daughter Ireland on the Rust shooting

Alec's daughter Ireland Baldwin has now commented on her father's condition for the first time. "It hurts incredibly to see your own father so hurt," Ireland told the German outlet red.

The 26-year-old model revealed that Alec recently visited her in Portland and that he was able to find some peace with her. "He is so exhausted. I was hoping for exactly that: that we would watch films together and just be able to lie around," she said.

Ireland Baldwin on her father: "He's not himself"

Nevertheless, Alec doesn't seem to be doing much better a few weeks after the tragedy. "He's suffering pretty badly. It's obvious, it's written on his face. He's not himself," his daughter said. "The burden my father has to bear for the rest of his life is terrible."

The extent of Baldwin's suffering became clear in his recent TV interview with George Stephanopoulos. The popular actor tearfully explained his view of the accident.

He said that he would never have pulled the trigger: "I let go of the hammer. Bang! The gun goes off."

Baldwin, who publicly opposes gun laws in the US, said he would never point one at anyone and pull the trigger. He and Halyna Hutchins were staging a shot in which the actor points the gun towards the camera.

Ireland Baldwin feels for her father Alec

Ireland admits she didn't want to see her father's TV interview. "It hurts to see my father cry. I hate it," she told red. After the Rust interview, Alec even deleted his Twitter page.

Like everyone else, Ireland learned of the accident on the news. On her birthday weekend, she and her mother Kim Basinger were in a restaurant when they found out, she said in the interview.

It's been a difficult stretch for the whole Baldwin family. Alec and his wife Hilaria have been open about their struggles since the tragedy, and we're hoping they and the loved ones of Halyna Hutchins can begin moving forward soon.