Their romance started all the way back in 2011 when the pair were first spotted together, causing a media frenzy. But unfortunately the powerhouse couple broke up a few years later, as Jake felt that the relationship had way too much media coverage and public speculation around it for it to work. Although there were also some rumors circling around that Jake had eyes for another lady at the time.

Their break up made international news again, and Taylor's career became known for her coded music which often was said to have hidden messages about some of her past lovers in them. This week, Swift released a 10-minute version of her song "All Too Well".

Jake Gyllenhal On Taylor Swift

Jake Gyllenhaal On Taylor Swift

The song is rumored by many to be about Jake Gyllenhaal, and the relationship that he shared with Taylor. This has caused the Hollywood rumor mill to go abuzz once again. Officially, this hasn't been confirmed, but it wouldn't be at all surprising if that's the case. 

A source close to the actor has spoken out about how Jake's feelings about this attention: “Jake has no interest in any of it - He doesn’t read gossip or pay any attention to that,” adding that Jake is " his life and focused on himself. He’s ignoring all of the noise,” the insider revealed to E! News.

This is not the first time Gyllenhaal has been at the center of speculation surrounding one of her songs. Perhaps it's all just a publicity stunt...but only time will tell us for certain. Stay tuned!

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